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And now I think he's happy. We talked to, we talked to Friedman about it last week, and Friedman said that he had he had gotten an agreement for Manny that he would be willing to play third day stay needed if they needed him. Yeah. Okay. All right. This one's me Mace. The possibility of video gaming as an Olympic sport was one of the topics explored in the east sports forum held Friday in Switzerland. East sports has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. So this isn't surprising, but you are Mr. Olympics and you hold the Olympic Games near and dear to your heart. So what do you think about video gaming as an Olympic sport? If a guy is the. Best video gamer. Would you have a problem seeing that guy on a metal, STAN winning a gold medal? Not at all. I mean, I think may I, I think it's going to happen. I am completely in favor of it happening in the same way that the winter games have gone through transformation, and we now see extreme sports as part of the Olympic would I am I right in suggesting here? What would be different? Is this in maybe you do I, I'm not a consumer of e. sports. So Greg, you could jump in here if you know anything, but there's not. There's very limited physical activity. You're sitting in a chair with your controller, right? Hey, I, I did play by play of the ten meter or the one hundred meter air rifle. No, they didn't break a sweat, no, no, he you stand there and you hold this still as you can and you fire an airline. So it's it's not like the biathlon where you get on skis and then fired ski you junk. There you go to me. I, I actually had this question myself. It's it's. What is the difference really between shooting an air rifle and in a very sophisticated way, playing a video game. It's actually you could argue is the same motion? Yeah, or handwriting ordinance offer the hand eye coordination that they have the hand eye coordination that they have to have is shooting. I didn't think about shooting as a comparison. That's actually very good. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's I bet you it's coming because there's too much money in the east sports industry for it not to happen. Oh, I mean, the Olympics is not stupid. They wanna they wanna dry in the biggest. They wouldn't have the biggest tent. They can do clued as many people, and people are so passionate about east sports that they're gonna find a way to get it in just like they brought beach volleyball into a hundred million, which was the the gaming tournament that a hundred million people watch. The final Gregg wasn't over watch. It was overwatch hundred million people worldwide watched the overwatch world. Champs, Josh Hart told me that the whole Laker team plays fortnight. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, he's the biggest offender. He's like. Up until four in the morning playing defense? No, no. He meant it as he. He meant it as a good thing, right? Alex bregman came out last week. I don't know if you saw this. He said, we used to go out and change chase girls. Now we just stay in and play fortnight. That's. That they're the GM and the manager you, you're happy with your hands and out consoles. Exactly. Jay. All right. Actually, I've got a game. We're going to go back to the old birthday game. Excellent. So we tried the great. They game. You were terrible? Yeah, try area. Go head to head with me or awful. Greg, you were off. I, yes, I was. He doesn't. He even so sixty seconds on the clock. Oh, good. Okay. J. Played Mork and Mindy played Mork. I'm more committed Robin y, yeah, center for the clippers with CPI three hundred Jordan played Mr. early on three's company goofy Norman fell. No, not. Yeah. Running back for the Dallas Cowboys, right? Ezekiel host of jeopardy. Extra drummer for the eagles Don Henley played Woody on cheers. Played Larry forty donor. Yeah. Current Laker young core played at Utah, kacoos hall of Famer, Utah. Jazz played with on stuff. Yeah, play Joey on friends, Matt LeBlanc. Yup. Hall of fame, Chicago Bears running back nickname.

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