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You so much, and Camille. You are so beautiful my favorite like thank you. Well, you're welcome. You are awesome. You're Auras beautiful and Tracey. My question is for you. My boyfriend Dirk looks chest like Michael J, FOX p loves a housewife. What if Michael favored housewife? To watch what happens when you're watching you leave the room as he watching hockey. I know he's a big Ocoee face watching hockey. Yes night he's watching hockey. He he respects my love of the house. Love it. Okay. Well, we respect. How's he doing by the way, he's doing well? I know he's I so Meyer his philanthropy, that he's done. I mean he's raised millions of dollars two billion almost dollars. Jackson say Erica, which question. Hi, Andy question for both of the ladies regarding see lie detector tests. Do you think that it's all fake, considering that Leeson you the questions beforehand, and that the blood pressure cuff placed around several layers of clothing? Oh, no, no, the blood pressure cough. Well, will John blizzard or Sesa whoever she was with wrote the questions cracked? So is that odd? That he wrote the question. Yeah. I mean I don't know about. Closing. But I mean, I think that it if you're lying, I think that it's very hard to fake. Okay, by the way. Britney L texted, Tracy, I love that. You cook with your family. What is.

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