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X i of without words because i can imagine ibec kathleen kennedy who runs lucasfilm ivan kathleen kennedy and ron howard had the exact same reaction good i had which is y'all are getting upset about this i joe get it the movie is called a solo nickel solo for console for haunch so low sao paulo cathay thank you alexis so here here is the cute little instagram video that ob cunningham director ron howard uh put out yesterday which i thought was really cute take cited this is really q now you're you're not gonna s there's no there's no were they aired at the end of the hour he turns around of piece of board that has the logo on it but the up until that it's cute take a listen to this guy well as we wrap up production i just want to take this moment to thank an incredibly talented cast and crew for all their hard work and to the fans out there i hope you've enjoyed the pictures that i've been sharing pictures that i've taken from the sat of kim even save the name of the movie chewbacca hands the to him and he turns around and it says solo i'll see you next year no adorable no this is my people are just like odds lame is a guy that rights for the rap dot com and i love the wrapped up common obviously he has a right to it as his opinion but he's like okay i've officially given up on star wars well what does he wa i thought to myself float arba star wars nut i don't know what these with the either with the uber fan boys this she she fan boys want a because if they think about if they think about.

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