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'cause you already picked in Tonio Brown and Julio Jones and and pick up my gave us. Okay. So I'm going to go with. Mike williams. Okay. Decides. All right. Odell Beckham junior. I'll take him. Let's see what the hoopla and then my second one. Wow. Go, hey, yeah, man, I go. Wow, do Jews? You Smith do dismiss us. Yeah. Yeah, he he can be good Smith Schuster he's gonna be judo's got to be very good. These name. He's gonna. He's gonna couple minutes, Brown wheel this. 'cause you could also use his name as a verb. Go Joo Juam I mean, come on. That's all my go. I'm going to go with a Packer expec shocking. Jordy Nelson? Okay. Jordy Nelson Jordan. It's gonna have gracie's. All right. So now onto running back. Okay going? No, you're going, okay. I'm going to go with. Zeke Elliott for Dallas Cowboys. Great. Run bake Cabos gotta be off his laugh. You don't get the job done again this year. Okay. Jerry avion bell. Come on their thing. It come on bro. Hey, Todd, Gurley I'm gonna go, Zeki will Elliott picked it. Dan. I knew I knew I had heard that already heard it is that he just picked. On the couch. Oh, he's on your bench. Oh, okay. I'll go with Jordan Howard for the bears. As I better than my man. Listen, listen, whatever. Okay. Now we're on defense, lovely fees and other kicker or no, no defense. Okay. I think I'll go with the Cowboys defense. Okay. Y'all you had, hey, man. Let me go with. Jacksonville. Jaguar, d. I'll take this very well. I think it is. Seek. There's been lifted. House cats. Yeah, this how kit it needs to be. You know, somebody to come in find out what the owners doing. Ouch. I know there's real. Oh, man. So that's my fantasy team. Like I, you know, hold your applause about man. How are you know is a dominant team. If I ever get that team, bro is a rep, I'm going under feed it now j. smooth team, you know, we don't get this. Listen underdog. I know I like to be underdog, Dow underdog stories are much better than, oh, hey, the guys who were supposed to win one talent on exceed man, talent. I got much have on my team. Here's the problem. You've got a lot of guys with high salaries. Probably my wanna get into drugs. They might have bad years. This man always get. So his say, my guys that I picked are going to work hard because I haven't got there yet..

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