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The second trial of a former university of cincinnati police officer who killed black motorists has ended in mistrial ray tensing who is white shot samuel dubos during a july two thousand fifteen traffic stop over missing front license tensing was fired last year after being charged with murder her hamilton county prosecutors have not said whether they will try the case a third time a jury in tennessee is convicted the third former vanderbilt university football player and the gang rape of an unconscious female student on campus brandon banks faces at least fifteen years in prison at sentencing a fourth suspect is still awaiting trial relatives of the late reggae legend peter toshu seeking investigation into the treatment at the musician son who ended up in a coma after being jailed on marijuana charges new jersey more from npr's anastazia seal kiss as was his father jawara mcintosh is a rastafarian who pushes for the decriminalization of marijuana for years ago he was arrested and led guilty to charges of cannabis possession this february while serving a sixmonth sentence mcintosh was assaulted in the bergen county jail according to officials the beating was committed by another inmate it left mcintosh severely injured says his sister neon be mcintosh pete that come to him brain injury an though right now either in a coma macintoshes family has also ask the us justice department to investigate a spokesman for the bergen county sheriff's office said that the department has no comment at this time honest as it silk us npr news new york this is npr news support for mpr comes from npr stations other contributors include the jack kent cooke foundation providing scholarships throughout the nation to exceptionally highperforming students with financial need from middle school to college more information about cook scholarships is available fj kcf dot org.

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