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It is and I i. think it's easy enough to comprehend the reason. The public because they decided is manned spaceflight. You know you lose the public when you just have robots and and the like now we're back into manned spaceflight. Public is going to try this again and I think one of the rationales from their ministration on was the worm symbolized man, flight and space flight, and You know so it works that way, and it will conjure that up again. We had big lag in between, but I th I think it will represent representative well. And you know you can expect me to be a little prejudiced, but I try to be objective about it, too, and I think that there's there's a lot of good can come from it and then I i. do know from their actions I've had from younger personnel over the years. That that they'll be a lot of support and even even at Johnson Space Center. That's why I'm so looking forward to coming down there. You know it's a it's a full circle thing but I think it works for the agency. Well Richard I'm sure there's a lot of people listening to this podcast. I think I think we. We definitely have a lot of fans of of of space and maybe engineers. Maybe scientists, but I'm sure there's some graphic designers out there someone who wants to kind of follow in your footsteps, so any words that you you may WanNa have for them that maybe want to follow in your in your path and do great things like you're doing. Well I've always been encouraged it and I continued do that. If anybody's interested, they have to. Pay attention to the space program they have to you know. Read everything that comes out. Find Out! What what? He's doing say close to that and and understand the. The core material you know what the agencies trying to do, and then apply the one thing I would would ask any future centers not to do, and that was. Don't try to more these symbols we have now into one Other people have already tried that and it doesn't doesn't work. So if there's going to be another symbol way down the road I just don't do that. Don't don't mess up to Marks which have out quite a legacy and history. Than both. And maybe there's a third symbol out there someplace I do suggested if our if our particular logo is forty six years old. They don't have good for another four decades. Well said Richard Richard Dany. Thank you so much for coming on Houston. We have a podcast. What a pleasure talking to you today we shall the best. It's been great. Jerry I appreciate it very much. A. Off. Hey thanks for sticking around super interesting conversation. We had with Richer Dany today. The Guy who designed the NASA worm logo. I really hope you enjoyed it. You like this podcast. We have a lot of other episodes. You can listen to them in no particular order at NASA dot Gov Slash podcast. You can find us there as well as the many other podcasts across all of NASA. You can talk to us on the NASA Johnson Space Center. Pages of facebook twitter and instagram just use the HASHTAG. ASK NASA on your favorite platform to submit an idea for the show and just make sure to mention is for us at Houston. We have a podcast. This episode was recorded on June twenty, fifth twenty twenty thanks to Alex. Perriman Greg Weisman Pat Ryan, nor Moran Belinda Pluto Jennifer Lopez Rocky, Lind and Chelsea Bart. Thanks again to Richard Dany for taking the time to come on the show. Give us a rating and feedback on whatever platform you're listening to us on and tell us how we did. We'll be back next week..

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