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And get that lady to get information on. That Mustang I'd love to have it nature that really. Appreciate. Mr.. Randy beautiful Thank you. Thank you Yeah folks if you're out Radin ran and, you got a date take your girlfriend over there and get you real good taco or something and something to, drink, and tell, them hey my, buddy Randy Adams. Baltimore but. Really taco Kentucky's is buying a great place great owners good. People but anyway so just like Carlson's. Talkin, about. You gotta have it together and you gotta get a, little help you're going against trained professionals and I mean you can go to YouTube and see how much training, they, get there's a hundred and, fifty YouTube training Movies own dealerships and they give them their salesmen ourselves may? Have, to take them and they. Learn how to push your button, how to sell you. Might more, money how to work you. Har- and never give up and how to get your phone number and how to, wear you out on the next purchase and guess what if you don't buy today, won't be here tomorrow well. I got? News for you if it's not. There tomorrow, live they. Make some, more I mean angle quitting Bill in. Cars now I'm not sure who's going to own the scars. With the government are manufacturers. But you know, a Austin's already putting lanes in to put it down on scarves. They know what's going on don't they Yeah they're, planning for the future and. The future is coming faster than you think.

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