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Honda, John, Dodge Caravan discussed on Get Outdoors with Mike Russell


On p four twenty code by the time i get to the repair shop it goes off again it's done it about five or six times if that four twenty code is in the computer they know where to start go looking that's a cadillac converter efficiency code in just because the code is not there in the light is not on doesn't mean it can't be diagnosed the air code if light comes on it's gonna stored in the memory for for the shop they should be able to based off of the data they should be able to diagnose that regardless of code so if you're working on the shop that can work you know diagnosed for the other than just code diagnosis you'll be you'll be set to go on that thing and that's not uncommon you gotta you know ten twelve year old honda to need a catalytic converter very possible needs to be diagnosed so yes anyhow well let's get to the phones we're going to go with john he's got a two thousand seven dodge caravan how can we help you john you're on bumper to bumper radio i think you just answered my question i've got the same problem we got two thousand seven dodge caravan and friend of ours she calls me and says there's a light on seoul she takes don checks through four twenty dollars catalytic converter for she was she says what do i do want something you've got to get a new one day later she called the light went out she says i think it's okay i said i don't know for about a week later comes back on again on back and forth and back and forth my question is it's pretty offensive or do you think yeah i mean that's and that's where the diagnostic piece comes into it so that's where they're going to have to test if i'm looking at this car and i've i've got four twenty i'm gonna look at the numbers from the sensors to make sure they look right in the censors at dave's talking about there's an oxygen sensor before the catalytic converter that tells us what's coming in and then there's one afterwards it tells us what's coming out so those are the go ahead dave into everybody fully.

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Honda, John, Dodge Caravan discussed on Get Outdoors with Mike Russell

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