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Never did go down pretty much as a result of all of that crap that went down next week's x t we're gonna see amber moon shots. He blackheart defend those inex- t women's tag titles against kansas. Laurey in indy hartwell of the way we're gonna see swerve isaiah scott in action against leeann rough. It's going to be a falls count anywhere match. I'm looking forward to actually be the highlight of the night. I you know may personally. I hope that actually cold's out I think everything that those two brothers have been doing so far in everything that needs to be the one to close out in exte- prove me wrong otherwise but that that needs to be the one the close out to show m s que. Buttering up to kushida kushida. Being the one really be among the first welcome them with open arms. That's why they fell. He made all the sense in the world. Couple of weeks ago that they tried to have sheila's back in everything against santos escobar and his henchmen and all that so they say hey look as far as you need help tonight more than happy to help. y'all remember we still got that main event match to comey woven. All those cats imperium fabien ackner or ortho An action against and they defeated drake. Maverick and kilian dane. Actually it was a pretty good match. I gotta say. I love the seeds of dow that is continuing to be in drake. Mavericks hit their ill. He feels as though at any moment. Killian dane is gonna stab him with that knife in his back and turn it and basically side with imperium yards. Go ahead and do it now. I'll do it to his face and danes like you know you gotta have a little fade those i. It's not even like that. No one time. Danish is trying to be a good guy here you know. He has good intentions Discipline i thought that this was truly a career defining moment here career defining moment from the standpoint of the story. Line mine you because you know if you've ever had dowd it okay. As is the killian. Dang drake mavericks is. We're gonna load us up we're gonna just because it was just starting to build up a lot of momentum people were talking about in social media and everything like okay so we're now just going to pretty much be done with this but to see story line that basically when it counted the mos- kilian. Dan could left many times during this match. He could have left. Maverick hanging with the fact that he hung in there. You know it just made you feel as okay so we know were dane is with garson. His tag team you know. He's all lynn. He's heavily invested. I'd so but then you just can't help a wonder okay. So he's all land while what abou- drake math is it. Maybe drake maverick. That's gonna continue to become so consumed by the idea of chilean. Dane will eventually turn his back on him. All in the name of joining imperium. And all this other shit cajal may be seeing entertain. The idea that maybe drake maverick is going to quit himself. In a position where it's will you eater You know be the hunted. You know so. I just can't help but wonder if maybe he's going to try to proposition himself to imperium somehow. Join them and.

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