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This is why we preannounced that we'd needed to give ourselves a deadline, but also we pronounce it so that we could, you know, kind of like benefit from the additional kind of Mojo that would come at long. So like you know, we got a, we got a month of being able to like really like keep people updated about something that was happening soon. So that gave us, you know, we get to really justify this as a feature more if we get to talk about it, you know, like if it's just a private thing, then it's just like, you know, we don't derive like, you know, we can't get people excited about anything that we don't talk out so. But yeah, it was. It was about ripping off that bandaid giving the dead. Line, forcing us to really make it happen. And then, yeah, you're absolutely right about the the just exposure to have terrible programmer. We all are. It's it's a really terrifying feeling. And I really like personally felt like I've been able to cross the barrier. Like I feel like I've made myself the class clown enough as a programmer, like enough times that I just can acknowledge like. A coating is hard, and I don't know what I'm doing half the time and but at the same time we have the proof that we make good stuff like we have. We have a lot of really good ideas. We know what we're doing. We don't have all the answers, but we have a lot of good ones and. Yeah, just like that positioning like to be ready to just go do it is is totally. You know what helps us happen? And also like this is a rails. I know you know, different programming languages of like done, different kinds of development, different types of web frameworks or like other kinds of programming along the way, but rails something I'm pretty comfortable with. Like I feel like I, I. I get it. I know it and it's also very boring old in that's a real features far as I'm concerned. For this project, I was working with a lot of like newer technologies which was kind of exciting, but you find this hub issue is just like the only answer to how you can build. This thing is like hope that this this feature ships like at some point this year and. So, yeah, just like happy to be using some pretty boring technology. Jeff Atwood has posted about why they chose rails for discourse, and it's a lot of the same reasons. And it's, yes, just like a lot of things went into. But yeah, like just pretty comfortable about that part like people get to see me with my pants down, but. But you know, it's part of the spectacle now I don't feel like I'm in my private space. It's it's a public spectacle. I'm getting to get to put on a little little song and dance. Feel like you know, you mentioned that you wish you'd maybe done it earlier. Do you feel like it would changed the direction, not so much of your mission as a, you know, platform company or community, but more so may be the speed at which you can deliver features or the distraction of the focus. You feel like, you know, given that it's been just, you know, the necessary is on the code base as allowed you some level focus, whereas a had been open source sooner. You may have had more shiny objects and more attraction in more just distractions, speak around getting to your at now. Yeah, it's hard to say that given like how much momentum we've built up and how much we've really been able to like solve our own problems. As opposed to listening to all the random voices in the world? Yeah, it's hard to say that like the alternate solution, alternate would have been better. The the interesting thing is that now that we have done this project and I can't imagine like, you know, leaving this project anytime soon to do something that has nothing to do with like this community that we've been a part of. So you know, I'm really in this for the long haul. So when I think about like the future in terms of open sourcing from day one on things, I really put my mind..

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