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Love to connect so you can. You can find me at Becky Thompson dot com. And then on, we have a Facebook community, you can search Becky Thompson or over on Instagram as well. And so that's under my old handle when I first started that log. And so the name is actually scissor tailed silk, and that's a story for a different day. But the best place to locate me would be Becky, Thomson dot com. And that'll link to all of the other ways to connect Dr mic. Thank you so much for having me today really has been an honor to share my heart and have a chance to speak with you. Well, thank you. God bless God. Bless points. Depan der- one making time, even small amounts at first for your marriage helps you and your children. You know, often we moms folk. Us on the needs of our children. After their born in this is completely natural. You know, their needs as infants are great and time intensive and exhausting. But as our kids grow older, it's really important that we intentionally take time to focus on our spouse and our marriage. The reasons for this important first parents with healthier marriages are happier, their kids are happier, and the couple works together more to create a solid home to time with your spouse doesn't have to be long or elaborate. You know, sometimes the smallest and seemingly insignificant things that we do with our spouses draws close together a walk spending time reading, just spending time, watching television program riding a bike, going out to dinner, working in the yard together, go into a movie out for breakfast or even bike ride, make an enormous difference. In our -bility to connect with our spouses. And the most important thing is to make the time that you spend with your spouse as stress free as possible, make time where you're not talking about work, you're not talking about your conflicts and you're not talking about money. This time is to be stress free three, make two types of time available for one another, a time to work through issues and a time to have fun..

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