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Forties, complex, chronic illnesses are benign things. The appropriate use of things like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, brain training. Targeted herbs, a so-called neuro Ceuta calls. All of these things are things that are benign and used in the right way at the right time for the right person can be very, very helpful in the right combination. So all of these things have been coming. One of the other things we've learned from the first five years of Recode is been that we can look at other diseases. So we're starting to work with people who have other neuro degenerative diseases as well and seeing similar patterns. Now it's not a course, it's not identical to Alzheimer's, but with modifications we see similar sorts of stories, Dr British and we love the idea of patient researcher partnerships. How can patients who are interested connect with a researcher who will be helpful? It's a great question. And at the moment, these. Are just beginning. And so the easy thing is to talk to researchers who are interested in your area, whatever it is that you have or are interested or have as a family trade or as a family risk. The other thing you go to the website Dr Bredesen's dot com. And and let us know that you're interested in this sort of thing back to Dan van Essen. Thank you so much for talking with us on the people spermicide today. Thank you so much, Joe and Terry, appreciate it. You've been listening to Dr Dale Bredesen's author of the end of Alzheimer's, the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. We spoke with him by Skype. We spoke earlier with Dr Robert Moi assistant professor neurology at Harvard Medical School, and you'll find some interesting links to information from both of our guests at our website. People sperm see dot com. Lindsey, Google produced today show our ski is the engineer, Dave Graydon at its. Interviews that people's pharmacy is produced at the studios of North Carolina. Public radio w. UNC the people's pharmacy theme music is by BJ Liederman. The people's pharmacy is brought to you in part by brain gauge developed by neuro scientists at the university of North Carolina to track brain hill available for home research and clinical applications online at gauge your brain dot com to buy a CD of today's show or any other people's pharmacy broadcast. You can call eight hundred seven three two, two, three, three, four today show is one thousand one hundred thirty two. That number again eight hundred seven three to twenty three thirty four online at people's pharmacy dot com. And when you visit that site, you can share your thoughts about today's show at people's pharmacy dot com. You can also sign up for our free online newsletter. We're subscribed to the free tied cast of the show. When you sign up for the newsletter, you'll get our. Free guide to favor, home remedies in Durham, North Carolina. I'm Joe Graydon. I'm Terry grading. Thank you for listening. Please join us again. Next. We hope you enjoyed this podcast. If so, please consider taking a minute to write a review on items and thanks for listening to the people's pharmacy.

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