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Sounds from devotchka Ali Hassan Kuban and friends on reissue out of Egypt. Monica impact. Georgeanne multiple. Radiant children's music from yellow days punk fiction. Lots more to share. KCRW? Support comes from Boca, presenting more Owens, the most comprehensive mid career survey of Owens work to date, featuring approximately sixty paintings from the mid nineteen ninety s until today, the exhibition will highlight her significant strides over the past few years showing how the early work sets the stage for gripping new paintings and installations Owens has pioneered an innovative approach to painting that has made her one of the most influential artists of her generation now on view, more at Moca dot org. Hey, it's Jason Bentley. Tomorrow on morning becomes a click. We've got so much great new music Hosea apparatus, the drums, gusty, Nick Waterhouse and more also live in studio. Sharon van Etten will join us in support of her new album out this week, plus our giveaway for tomorrow your shot at tickets to catch the moth grand slam. It's alive storytelling event at the regent. Downtown morning becomes a collective weekdays at nine on eighty nine point nine KCRW..

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