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Over the long term. But Steve, you know, University of California just got a guaranteed 11 and a quarter percent over 6 years of the B re investment. Can I get in on that kind of return? You're going to have to call BlackRock on that one. I just need 4 billion. If we pool our money, you know, can we all get that? Yeah, maybe, maybe. If you've got 99.9% of it, I'm willing to chip in. How amazing is that kind of return, Paul? What would you do for that? 11 and a quarter percent guaranteed over 6 years. Sounds like a structured note that my financial adviser pushes in my way all the time. Steve, is there any place here in the fixed income space that you're just not willing to go at this point? Well, I would say we're cautious on the lower quality, the triple C area of high yield and lower quality parts of EM. Those are the areas that are kind of no goes. I would say we're cautious on down the capital structure in securitized particularly commercial real estate related securitization. So I think most people are now there's a shakeout going in the office sector, particularly lower quality BC properties and commercial office property and we're staying away from that as well. But top of the capital structure, triple-A double-A stuff is pretty attractive. All right. Good stuff, Steve Kane, co CIO, journalist portfolio manager at TC W investment management. You guys undergrad at University of California Berkeley. That gets me smart people there. Yeah, the UC system is pretty good. I think we just highlighted exactly $4 billion you're right, and that's a great return for them. But I guess if you put up that kind of capital, I think the barrier to entry to the 11 and a quarter percent guaranteed returns club. You've got to have a spare 4 billion just sitting around. Yep, exactly right. So fixed income is Steve Kane, TC W said, it's going to be better in 2023 than it was in 2020

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