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And I I once threw up four chicken can mcnuggets. McDonald's bathroom and then guests like all. Obviously this guy lied about murdering hope. They're like nope. I actually lied. Wasn't McDonald's bathroom was Burger King. It's right very minor. If we could put somebody in charge of vetting our troops and allied people then get like four or five. Five of them came up on the wheel okay. We're GONNA record it on Saturday at one PM and then they're gonNA they're gonNA call in. Maybe we'll have like a couple of I had like five or six people in the hopper and I think that could work. Yeah I think it's fine. You want to put it on the wheel I would say. Let's hear from unless you feel that we have the infrastructure at this point that we can just take on these projects. I I would prefer to say if there is a listener who wants to produce the two truths it's an ally episode and reach out and then we will begin to solicit to truths and lies from people. Oh by the speaking of soliciting from listeners. So maybe maybe next week. We'll put that on the wheel Speaking of soliciting things from listeners. Now yeah no we want because his fourth episode we are ready to have a Ranking like we said we'd do after sixty episodes of every royal episode so far yes so the great ran a new poll. The new P- has put together a google form where you can go and and fill out a grade for every episode. If you haven't seen if you haven't listened to an episode where you don't remember it you could leave it blank okay. So from one being the worst ten being the best of every episode one. Check this out. Okay so yes a Google doc there now or is he going to include this episode. Yes yes he will he will add. He will touch it up in this this episode when we release his best whenever that is and then the great. It's a great Google document that the new is put together You're gonNA raise things on a scale of one to ten where ten is. The episodes. Should be on mountain out more and one is grow up. uh-huh Trademark Kirsten McGuinness. I think at the end the also has a little thing where you can pick your four favourite pick your own personalized Matt and you could pick you could select four. That should I'd be on Mt Renault. More so sensibly. If you love the show maybe like twenty different episodes. We'll have a ten but you want to tell us which the four best were. Okay got it I mean I. Why wouldn't it just be the average of the four episodes with the highest average? Why wouldn't those be more? I didn't ask the to do it. They wanted to like. Is there any difference between. MVP voting like That you get your assigning four first place votes. I guess it's like well if if really pop most people giving you the ten then there's not a huge difference between nine point two eight point eight or eight point seven. Maybe does this in in any way change like if if a large group of people ended up giving data advice know it alls consideration enforement run out more but while some of those people gave the ten also some people hated. Like what would the votes for Mount Rene bore for trump the lower average of the specific episode. Good question. I guess we can We we can sort of you know we can figure that out next week but yeah so what is like if one episode getting like an eight out of ten average but didn't get that many votes for Mount Renat more or would that bill and I don't it's good question so Is there is there a you are Alpha that that would be the equivalent of it. Won The popular vote but it did on the malvern out more electoral college. Yeah listen I could be a lot of debates coming from this. Yes yeah I don't WanNa we should not campaign you and I right now and say what we think should win or lose. Why do you have? Do you want to campaign for any episode. That like didn't have us on on it. That's true that's fair. We win no matter. What Lake we we equally own the best episode and the worst episode? Yeah I put in a resume say you know that. Probably the worst episodes were not the ones that we had ideas for. No I mean the worst episodes of probably the ones that we got pressured into that. We didn't want to in the first place but we had nothing to do with this episode today. We sort of like somebody said it. And we're like a it gets put on the one of these things like Mount Rushmore. That like usually Li like you'd think that won't come up for five months. One spot on the wheel Then it comes up three weeks later like all right wait. We didn't really think this group had somebody maybe watched the episode and be like well. There's not a lot there where we went off off a picture. We went off literally. We pick different picture. Although it ended up working out because my it was absolutely so bad we got to talk about other things. Yeah okay all right What else for the MAILBAG? By the way the link to the survey we'll put it in the show go to rob his website dot com slash rene APP sixty four. That's R. A. N. A. P. Six four. I'm sure we'll also have it on twitter as well Yes I really really like this idea. From Michael J Clarke yes. And it's called Robin Akiva. Enjoy the view and it's very simple. Robin Cuba Watch that day's episode of the view and discuss the history of the show controversy Chrissy former hosts cultural relevance and make fun of that episode. Okay I'm not sure how much we want to dive into any one specific a specific episode of the view. I think we definitely should watch that. Day's episode of the view. But I do think that we could talk about the historical significance of the view. I think that we should also do draft. The Mount Rushmore of you hosts like okay fall all time. I don't know what year did the view not to do. The podcast right now. WH- if you had to guess what year does the view start. I'M GONNA guess. Nineteen Ninety seven ninety seven. And I think that's a good guess. I one thousand nine hundred eighty eight go higher if let's see if we had to guess but I think the all time team yeah YOU NAILED IT April August eleven one thousand nine hundred seven. That's really been in our lives for you. Know Twenty plus years put together the hall to house all right we can really do along the draft. I don't know I guess they're going to figure out we'll view we'll figure out view stuff to do and then view games you know and we'll put together the all time team name biggest. I'm in there. Maybe the biggest view news stories of all time like I feel like there's probably been a lot of different pop culture stories which have come out of the host of the view during their time on the view. So what's it called Enjoy the view. I think he said enjoy the view. Okay yeah maybe somebody could punch yeah view to a kill. Let's not any other good view idioms point of view point of view or bird's eye view. I think enjoy the view like like it's sort of accepting. Yeah Yeah just say Let's see anything else. Do you want to wait a week or would you want to put this on the wheel. Now it's your thing that we can put it on the wheel and then I think that it's not eligible for next week. Okay for an and for whatever reason you know Aisha Isa or somebody else tells us that. Hey here's a good reason why we shouldn't touch the view But I think it ties back. We did a lot of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Talk Ah in light of the MATT bracket a couple of weeks ago. That's right not sure if she would make the Mount Rushmore view. Probably not don't know we'll have to see and then also if you're gonNA make the all time view team like I mean you have somebody who sort of like like the like there's always like a captain like sort of like the moderator and leave that. Whoopi occupies that spot? I mean you wouldn't want to have to too many people that play the same position. No you wouldn't you wouldn't like five moderators and you wouldn't want five like republic in arguers or the five joy behar's or something right if you need a starting five team. Has It always been five. I feel like they started with four. I don't know I liked like when I used to read the New York Post host was in high school and it would be like every day they'd be like Oh yeah there was like a knockdown brawl in the packs. Acts the agent. Like nobody's talking to anybody. Are they actually record. They Record Gordon separate rooms of the CG into the timetable. I'd like to. I think you could read a book of like all the backstage fights there would be funny. Yeah I'm sure four is a youtube rabbit hole of view highlights. Yeah all right so maybe we could go on that a lot there. I think there's a lot there. Yeah who's not gonNA enjoy. Joy enjoyed talking about probably a lot of people. Can I give you a couple updates on previous episodes or or a potential All right we have for twenty twenty. It's not sweep season until February. Burra believe right but to start twenty twenty the great Antonio's Ro has agreed your pending your approval which. I don't know why you wouldn't approve. You've to go back for one last time to end the trilogy of the conspiracy by Doing Robin Akiva have a conspiracy. Okay well I love the idea of conspiracy pod three. The end of days yet can spirit about three hundred days. That the only thing Antonio asks and I'll set up a second form on my twitter suggests is he needs a couple more ideas so I'll put in a form and then you could put in like a Tony. Look into this. Maybe if you want semmelinck or to to get them started and then so it's not on the wheel yet. He just needs some time to research it but sometimes ro ready to come back in two thousand twenty for us you know. One of our most popular series is on the show. Show another another idea that we can put on the wheel right now. Rob is so that so that is effective of February. I know I mean maybe I think four sweep season it would be a good. It would be a good show to have but okay. Tony was ready. Maybe sounding the alarm of of sending the conspiracies and then we will begin to curate them and then when when he gives us the go-ahead conspire pod. Three and of days is going on the wheel absolutely another show that we could put on the wheel right now where I guess what the one week. Just station period. Dr Manda Rabinowitz is Robin Akita. Verdict I think is good to go. Okay all right with that already on the wheel being on the wheel we we took it off because I believe it wasn't totally ready but now it is ready for twenty twenty people. Don't remember what that is. That is a manual. Benowitz is going to be pitching. There's some unsolved mysteries not too. Grisly tried to find things that were. I don't know what she picked but she tried to find things that weren't you know criminal minds episodes player that's right and then And we will uh we will try and solve these cases that have been You know argued about time for time immemorial okay all right anything else Weiner Khor I think for now that's it. I think we got a stacked wheel for next week. A one more thing Eric Stein wrote in and said he played the Carbon said the game that has been the wheel for many months and he realized what I had feared that it is not pod worthy and he is back to the drawing board. Eric Stein who has been on the wheel for most of the last year between the Carmen Sandiego episode that never came up and the infomercials our trash episode. That never came up is officially now for the time being until he and listen to you. I believe you listen to the show. Every week he is. He's a hard at work trying to find. Something I think is a busy guy. We will get excited. I have an idea. That's not for this week with our Eckstein but no where in the world's Carmen Sandiego on the wheel for now. Okay Eric Stein. What about our voicemails? Yeah we can listen. You know we just got one yesterday astray that I have not listened to you that From Ritchie from Ritchie. That is correct. Here's a voicemail from Richie.

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