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To adjust with their deep that you've line to over run gaps to get out there devonta freeman was cut back so they became much more gaps not conscious in the second half special in the fourth quarter and they won't run in the state he's up to take away the outside run which resulted in i think three negative plays were atlanta ahead come edwards coming up second in fourteen second in thirteen and you're going to keep the ball or keep o'clock moon if you can't get first down so i was trying to move the football in other ways much the way we've done all year long with a lot of success yet again they've aren't your former nfl quarterback broadcast falcon football what type of guy a bay area getting in kyle shanahan well you got it been very quiet obviously you together and he was own side of the football dropped into coaches so i think talk once a week kyle talk once a week to the media he's a guy that kind of the guys got us to hit stuck in the game plan all the time and and then muller come off career so what do we didn't get to see a lot of the the personality early that kind of stuff i think it's going to be a major adjustment for him you have to addressed the media everyday let alone once a week and then answer the questions you're asking me about what you did this why you did that those really not something he had to do much during the year i was he did at the end of the year but if game bed and all the fact that you go lucky maybe did his best work at you know that football game so that will be the biggest in just when you never know about a coordinator you know you you thought corners when hired it's worked out a lot quarters bernard at work out so but i do know your hard work who he is a very good mind as to what the duo he often to side of football and that was evident for us this year you know he's a smart.

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