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Pretty cool today, though. 67 on the coast, 73 inland 69 in the mountains and 97 in the desert Right now, Cloudy and 62 downtown Kogo in two years time 8 12 on environmental group could take legal action over the death of two whales in San Diego Bay, The Center for Biological Diversity said it would file a lawsuit over the thin way. L deaths unless the Navy and the National Marine Fisheries Services complies with a request. The group wants the two agencies to reexamine the impacts of maritime operations on whales. It says ships strikes are the leading cause of whale deaths, which it also claims is vastly under reported. The group's potential lawsuit comes is to fin whales were found dead after an Australian navy ship docked in the harbor. Israel gets new weapons worth nearly three quarters of a billion dollars. The Washington Post. Reports of $735 million weapons sale has been approved by President Biden's administration. The paper also says Congress was notified earlier this month. It comes amid ongoing violence in the region between Israel and the Palestinians. The fighting has resulted in hundreds of deaths. I'm Tom Roberts. The son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is running for governor of New York. Andrew Giuliani will seek the Republican nomination next year, he told The New York Post. Politics is in my didna. He also compared a potential match up against Governor Andrew Cuomo to Muhammed Ali going up against Joe Frazier. On his campaign website. Giuliani notes his work in the prior Trump administration, Giuliani would first have to get by Congressman Lee Zeldin of Long Island and former Westchester County executive Rob Astorino in the primary before taking on Cuomo. Alright, Penn State is erasing words like freshmen. For being sexist. Instead, the university will worse for two students as first year or second year. So everybody's going to Hogwarts is what's just happening right there. The terms, underclassmen and upperclassmen will be mixed A swell so a nun Dir classman will be lower division. And upperclassmen will be upper division. Why I mean, what? I don't understand the that they don't understand our woke. Okay, That is what we are. Okay. Okay. I'm just stopping right there. Even as covert restrictions are lifted. Many white collar employees are still working remotely. Rory O'Neil reports, roughly half the population is still working remotely. A Gallup survey finds that 71% of white collar workers were able to toil from home while 14% of blue collar workers could do the same. People who work in I t the arts. Financial services in real estate are most likely the work from home 35% of all full time. Employees say that if given the choice, they'll keep working from home when the pandemic is over. 70% say they want to go back to the office. I'm Rory O'Neill. Santa Clara University, is the anti double a women's soccer national champion for the first time in 20 years, The 11th seeded Broncos kicked off top seeded Florida State in penalty kicks to win Monday's College Cup title game in North Carolina. It was tied 11 at the end of regulation still tied after some sudden wind 10 minute overtime periods. Santa Clara shined in the shootout. I am announcing so a so I know a word that is coming out of my mouth looking at your eyes right now, and they're like pinwheels of like theirs. Sent a clear shine in the shootout by winning it in a final score of 41 the Broncos time Golden Regulation didn't come until the 83rd minute. How much more do you have? When Kelsey Turnbow intercepted a pass but the Seminoles and sprinted past two defenders to score?.

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