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Dying may blend Troy like a vagina, turning down very crisp old town and buy it begins that 90 C trois in home and garden shows about the kick off their their leg before we get started with the Salvation Army radiothon brought to you by WNBC in the lovely mill, McMahon. You've got an announcement you You did give us a good hand. Yes. So we set a goal to be a $190,000 before home and garden kicked off And we are at $191,601.40. Thank you so much to Jared and Avon Heated a 26 by 12 Barbara and indeed 26 by 12. Caroline Zionsville 200 by 12 made the gifts just keep coming in. The need is great. We have a lot of work to do. Guys have a lot of people just to stop by. The humans just came in, and they brought in a whole box of Taylor's Bakery, Donuts Force, and Taylor's Bakery said no charge. So you got this is what I love about this Sully's but put on his headset and go to work with me. But it's the home and garden show And this is the community effort We've been waiting for for 51 weeks for you. We've got a good launch here at 191,000. There have been times when can I would take over at good. Good launch. I would say that's a great long Oh, my gosh. And this idea that we're going to get 225,000. We're going to 3 25 3 50. We might just set it right. Just your time is done. Let's just go. Half million. Let's just go. You know what We? The people the way they have been giving is it is phenomenal. This year, 2020 has been more remarkable to us spiritually than any year that I can remember in my 68. People are you know, I don't really like sitting so close to you. Why aren't we socially distance? Where you guys off Sassy over there with all that space, and I'm right here. Would you sit down? I now we weren't sure if you were gonna be here the whole time. You've had a lot of running around to deal I was working on the toilet this morning in the North Pole. Well, was also dripping in that seat, so he saved a lot of cookies. I can see that your attitudes already for the spirit of giving and holiday Merry Christmas past everybody calling right now so we can just switch over to Christmas music and 11. All right, let's hit our goal. Come on, everybody able. Avon. Let's go for a Von Way to get donations from Danville this morning. They started. We have a new We got a name on donations and right there $312 really just Anderson. Well, we should tell her buddy that this hour of the radio thon is brought to you by Michelle. It's our show sponsored. Oh, that is awesome. And you know they're over there Manning the phones and you know the byline right? The new palace. Pailin, fire floods, Life water life life happens right call Michela. Thank Michelle. Yeah, that's sort of what gets Michelle s. It's me. What is it? A 44 fix indeed. Make it Michelle. Us. All right. OK, so we wanted to mean when people switch it up on you. I know I've been doing that other tagline for, like, five years. And it's like all said, Hey, we got a new tagline saying, Okay, Well, hey, next Christmas, I'll have it down. You know who you are. You're that grouchy old guy that sits in his lawn chair in front of his garage door and says, Get off my grass seed. Get get down! I'm sweating right now. I'm a little nauseous. I'm running. I have been running around You. Okay? You're hot. But you're not sick. Because if you're sick, get out of here. No! No, I'm not sick at all. I'm I worked to 11 last night. We had the late train s O. I had five presentations. The last one at 10 30. All right, but the most important thing it's not about you, Danny Smith. It is about the Salvation Army. Where did that come from? Is about the Salvation Army, and I'm just skinning these notes here. One make a phone number. Where the hell is it? Where's the phone numbers? You know, I had it in front of you. Where did it go? You have in front of Danny. Do you want Do you want to? You want to be successful? Get the phone number in front of me. You know what? Here. I haven't even checked that yet. We left here at midnight last night. Where were you? You know what? Why didn't you restock the Christmas lights? You know what the shelves are depleted. I was stealing tarps 877. With that number. Go 8777173223877. 717 3223 I like to say it like you liking someone on the other end of the radio is writing it down. I gotta get my pad. I gotta.

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