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Mitch car spoke with Alexis Wilson with zoo, they have a long history of partnering not only with community civic academic government organization. But but also they have a great history of creating advancing sustainable next generation, mobility that is environmentally friendly. So they've got a great interest in in this in the same things that interest ask the what is may thirtieth is the opening date. What are we going to see on may thirtieth? We will unveil the Toyota children's ranch and heading corral repurposing to Corrales from the zoo. They we had horses and and fears at different times in those areas, and we are are now going to have smaller stations and those. Areas. They'll be space that animal will be acceptable. Not only to pet just the. Kids will actually be able to share space with some of these animals, so they'll be in these little stalls and be able to brush miniature donkeys, and goats, and sheep and pigs think it'll be just a a wonderful experience of understanding how we care for livestock, the interactions between humans and animals that how important they are to our environment. And how important we are to there's the children's ranch and petting corral. Now, this is part of Texas wild and consider that there are a lot of new people in North Texas. So tell us about Texas wild wild is is an eight acre exhibit partners part of the zoo. And people often ask why do you have a Texas exhibit at a Texas? Okay. Strange, and the reason is very simple because we want to teach the first place that we learned conservation. And we learn about animals is in our own backyard that we have to learn to love and care for what is a meal you're out in order for for us to start to care about the world at large. Texas is also ninety seven percent privately owned. So it we we are we have to teach people how to care for the land because it is mostly owned privately. And so we're counting on the citizens of our great state to practice. Some of these these wonderful methods of of caring for the land in caring for animals, and so the the lessons of stewardship began in our own backyard. Mitch card talking with Alexis Wilson to the Fort Worth zoo about teaming up with Toyota of North America. A smartphones are getting smarter and smarter and smarter. As technology gets better, the big mobile expo, just wrapped up in Barcelona Spain and several innovations suggests phones are about to get interesting again, Samsung and wow way, stole the show with the first folding screen phones. It'll be coming to market little later this year, they can unfold to the size of a small tablet. Thanks to a flexible screen HTC unveiled a phone for our security phobic times with blockchain technology built in to allow secure control of your data or let the phone be a wallet for crypto currencies like bitcoin and a new phone from LG lets you operate it by making hand gestures in front of the screen. It can also identify you by scanning veins in the palm of your hand and uses the entire display as a speaker. I can't tell you if all or any of these new technologies will win, but we've certainly. Exited the doldrums when screen size was the next big thing in phones. No, what's next at CNN coming up on KRLD. Should we be getting prepared for the chance of more tornadoes this year? We'll talk about that. Next news time is seven forty. It all starts with just.

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