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Much as I can while I'm on the planet because I see the nobility in America and I know you do too because we've discussed it. I see how our country provides more opportunity for more people than any other nation on earth. You look at Rome you look at all the empires no one has come close to what America has done for the world freeing billions of people wrote three World War, two books killing plan killing a rising sun killing the SS. We did that we freed people from fascism and communism and to see what's happening today. That were evil that were trying to hurt blacks and minorities, and so that's what I'm using my skill to do to counter all of that and that's why I'm pleased to run my own news agency because I can do that twenty four seven. On the thing I liked about your courage in tackling this particular book is the Berry. Touching and complicated topic and it's easy to handle badly and I know you would handle it in a way the people would find it to be fascinating and balanced and they will keep turning page learning something brand new whether you're an advocate for native Americans are your advocate for the United States the you're gonNA play it right down the middle you're. A great entertainer. So I knew the could be interested but I thought it took some guts on your part to take this particular topic because of the potentially very controversial and I, commend you because we need people willing to stand in the middle of the arena and argue the case for thinking through what America's like not just parenting very Central American slugged. While we sent the book to a number of native American scholars. We will have them in the coming weeks on the no spin news to talk about it try to be fair and everything I. Do I think fairness is a doctrine that everybody? And it's hard. It's hard to be fair but everybody on this planet, we all tried to be fair. I don't think we'd have the strifes that we have now. Let's all try to be fair, and that's what I try to do in killing crazy horse. Wish you extrordinary success with this latest venture and I hope that the next time you do a book, you'll come back and join us and chat about it again. Mr Speaker, by really enjoyed talking with you..

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