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An iheartradio station talk. Six fifty ks rancher Cordova Sacramento. News radio. I'm Brian shook police say at least five people are dead in a hostage situation at a Bank in c- bring Florida the suspect has been identified as deafen Xavier and he's been taken into custody. Bring police chief Carl Hoglund described their initial call for the shooting afternoon. Approximately twelve thirty six PM officers of the Seabrook police department in the highlands county. Sheriff's office responded to a Bank located at one thousand nine hundred US highway twenty seven south after a subject contacted are consolidated dispatch center and said that he had entered the Bank and began shooting. President Trump is criticizing speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi after she informed him. He cannot deliver the state of the union address in the house chamber during the government shutdown. Trump said Pelosi is afraid of hearing the truth. Michael Cohen is delaying his plan testimony before a house panel because of what he calls ongoing threats by President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. The former Trump attorney was scheduled to testify February seventh Brian shook NBC. News radio. The Chad Benson show. Weekdays at ten on talk. Six fifty. We never get to that point of the things that we agree with because so far our parties that are that are available to us in a real way are so as far as I'm concerned, they're both sick. Chad Benson comes to talk. Both of them have release us. They both have viruses inside of the of the parties. And it's not doing us any good what so ever tomorrow attend talk. Saints fifty K S T E..

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