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Not listen. Finish that sentence. Don't finish that sentence. Speaking of things that you hear the favorite song of Jacqueline starts to play. And we hear burned say I specifically requested. No magic museum. And this is when we get them. This is boots. I love that the glass shatters, he's falls into the ground. And he's still says if he shouting. Then. Yeah. Wocka, sue, this ending this ending of this scene. Yeah. Basically, he gives Jacqueline an ultimatum of you know, the being with either mister burns or with him. And then, you know, she does that very feminist move of that she doesn't want to be with either. And then Abe his upbeat way. I love that. He goes. Well, that's good enough for me just grabs her and they run back they right outside and there's a school bus there. And then we get the full graduate moment of them at the end. And you know, we hear Hello darkness, my old friend. But they've changed lyrics to cram though, the sound of grandpa the sound of. And an autos driving the bus, and they ask him to turn down the music, and he says fat chance. Yeah. I love that. Because you really you really stay on the beat of like that amazing ending of the graduate. And they are making those faces just like in the movie, and then turned down that rack and. Yeah, I really love. I mean, the classic the real ending their referencing. I really love that being the end of any really romantic story, because it's you know, showing the reality of that choice. And you know, you never get to see that in the part twos. All I wanna do is watch that movie. Now, I know the Simpsons sin. So there could be one lesson that you learned from this episode either the conversation we had or lady as lover, what do you think that would be? That's a very good question. I think you know, you gotta play it cool, really? That's all that's the number one. Would you do glow in the dark messages on your dentures? No to me is a lot. Like the woman ended the Anna Jones, who writes, I love you. Oh, I've tried to do an end up. Just like you gotta use it. I primary ladies because otherwise. Tori. Typically, I would do that. I could do very good richer hands makeup. I've done it many times costumes, but it will be a channel that only has those two looks. I like that. I'd subscribe to that. Thank you. Julia. So do you have any final thoughts about this episode or any moment missed? No. I think everything that I was coming. In was like, we gotta talk about everything was covered. Specifically, we gotta have we gotta talk about the line what you had sex with that old woman. We got that. We got to the Nazi. I mean. Yeah. I mean. And you said that you didn't have a favorite favorite episode that comes to mind. No, really. I mean, just so much of it. So great..

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