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I peek through the window and they said that she said oh you got talked to my husband that's right off limits tom walked and then one does asked them and they said oh well okay but it will help you find a place to live in quang cuts never wanted to find a place to live so let's say maybe for a week or two they said okay you can peak and stay here we figure out where you live he ended up leaving two years in it's not really a room imagine isn't an attic it's an attic it's more late then it's like imagine there's couple of rooms immerse mall home with a bathroom and there's like a walkway that takes you to the stairs with a window okay just like a little walkway like that was his room breakfast things called for years yes so that's relived and it was i dunno to buy to that very small in that what he would do he would go to school and the university in the afternoons look look look they only had bbc tv so for hong kong to watch premier league games he would have to go to the pub but it wouldn't drink couldn't drink and then at some point we were talking look i know we'll have tequila that he likes to drink like anybody in those days it was like money issues correct fishing chips on mir efficient ships right so he walked will walk the gangs he remember tom telling me that in the park near the house you know how we we go to practice and he puts off his stephanie walks in dusting goes back and everything's got he's always has cones in his hand and he's in the field practice those things practice setting up the field this is always any pictures taken up on soda yes cones in his hand he's he's marking the field i usually something you leave for the assistant arrests into the assistant he he is a physical hooper physical that's is that's where we started that's what he does where does he get how calculated he is how meticulously is everything i can imagine waking up and says the toothbrushes two centimeters to the right that's not right i feel it yeah imagine that way so he gets that there's there's a great story because then i heard one time they were arrested in a game of manchester united i want to know the story and it's it's not technically they were arrested i remember when i went to see how did get him bolt bolton the bi p.

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