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Let's go ahead and get into this review right now. You read his. I'm ready right Right folks before there was karen there was cruella deville right there from the nineteen sixty one classic hundred one domination Say that she is. The karen before caring was ever invented. She is the uber karen. Because she's the ultimate self entitled bitch. I mean she's awesome demented shit and she is still my favorite disney villain. Listen just like any disney bill out there that good enough. Some of them are funny but a real disney. You just hate. I think a real good one is you hate them. But they're funny. Also yeah but you don't you don't understand. I hate her. You fucking hate. I can't stand her. Her evil isn't a whole category of. It's all man this he she wants to kill puppies man now one not just two hundred as many she can get her hands as many as she can get hands on that some crazy shit right there one hundred puppies now so i can just rain that little doble as nex by the fact that she wants the for like she didn't wanna kill him just to do it and she has a purpose in mind. It's all fucked up purpose. I no argument here. Puppy genocide to make a coke in just one time in toss shit away. What she's done at the but the party on the fashion show how the hell are made. Six is a different time. You would never survive in austin wearing a puppy co of course not. You can't get by wearing an actual coat that people use anywhere meet so you might have been for. Yeah no you better you can. You can't even get away with where muppet fern today. Cooking moss to get that message. Nah man you know it. It is some let me see here. Oh somebody say oh. Happy settled bits in that channel points. Thank you done. We'll get to that a little bit. Sorry anyway it's sometimes resets itself. Thank you though. I appreciate it anyway. Oh they say oh. You can't vote. Let me go in castle this. Let me cancel this in pole in is now. I'm gonna is now the league poll. Fuck let me start. A new ones can do this. Ca- people alike people like man. I want to do this so sorry. Let me do this. Real quick we'll get back into it. Sorry hold on. We'll get back into hold. That thought what will they give cruella. Ever gonna do this fast. Better then full.

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