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Baker, Alicante, Spain discussed on BBC World Service


Rain, and they just run the back. So it's the same story with the bakery. It closed because the last owner retired. We decided to buy the bakery. And now we rented to the Baker forever. Small rent? The Baker her mom at Renault is here for a cafe con Leche with his partner me Sanchez who works in the local people's home. They moved here from the city of Alicante and their stories you'll hear time and again across Spain following the financial crisis a decade ago. The economy tanked and the real estate bubble burst. Big time millions lost their job somewhere unable to pay their mortgage or rent for people like her man who'd made a good living in construction. The experience was punishing. You don't tie in. You have to do everything you can to pay the food for your gates and may have been on the streets. Looking for a secondhand things to sell and I have also worked abroad, do just do whatever it takes to keep the life of your kids going. And now you'll the Baker here in our area. Into the. Do you have to always learn something new? I imagine that that the relationship between the two of you has changed since you've come to the village and life has got better. Everything has changed. This when.

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Baker, Alicante, Spain discussed on BBC World Service

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