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Play the game you just go over her all I eat it doesn't now issues and I urge you to do is a question that should be that should be like when your little rule things if I've tried I know but Danny Morris there is serious and stern with his okay so what you're saying is if you yell out an answer and it's the right answer but none of the former question it doesn't count unless your answer it that way because there's so many so many rules yeah what is your earliest monopoly crazy eights right at eight seven if it's my my hand is your next movie questions lost in translation took place in this don't care what is her killed no worries what is China world what Julian yelled out the answer which is and where is to be able to give the point to as I said it is a hard fine you know she used to do this idea really said it technically correct you do because you don't know Tokyo wow okay specific numbers yeah but that was for the whole new I know is reeled in Tokyo yes I get it you're not out in the bucolic country hi Joe or okay Sala here we go I'm sure our Japanese chap staff you live the Arab world you Julia yeah you got a point the skunk you found somebody to you this movie was but it was based on the life of NFL player Michael oher what is the can catch line side.

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