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Terry maclaurin and irv smith clyde ever dealer damian harris terry mclernon irv smith. How do you feel about love terry. Mclaren that's easily. My favorite of jamie's breakouts and i don't like i think there was a point. Where jamie might have had terry maclaurin top five and didn't even hate it that much. There were the point where. I think where i had him top seven. He has been really good with mostly miserable. Quarterback play nine point zero yards per target over two hundred twenty seven targets from bad quarterbacks. He already basically had his breakout last year. In my opinion one hundred and thirty four targets and fifteen games eighty seven catches eleven hundred eighteen yards but it was disguised by the fact that he had some injury problems and he always scored four touchdowns on one hundred thirty four targets the year before he scored seven times. Ninety-three targets thank..

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