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Maria Bartiromo he plans to very soon start adding to the number of grounded Max planes now awaiting re certification and delivery I am confident we will start our line this month on the Max L. who is also making a startling prediction in response to a question posed by Savannah Guthrie today on NBC's today do you think there might be a major U. S. carrier that just has to go out of business yes most likely you know something will happen when September comes around traffic levels will not be back to a hundred percent they won't even be back the twenty five it's not clear which airline Calhoun believes could fail some analysts have predicted the collapse of one or more regional airlines like Allegiant or Hawaiian Corwin hate komo news major health systems across the country face serious financial challenges as a result of the corona virus pandemic you know medicine at no exemption and digging out of the red will take a number of painful steps almost Carly Johnson reports on Monday you job medicine announced that based on current forecasts financial losses for its three hospitals and clinics will exceed a half a billion dollars by the end of the summer the cancellation of non emergency elective procedures and the high cost of treating patients with covert nineteen top reasons for the financial blow but there's also the ongoing costs related to PPP and testing Lisa Brandenburg is president of U. job medicine hospitals and clinics everyone coming into our clinical facilities now staff and patients are wearing masks we're also testing all surgical patients and all impatience coming into our facilities that increase revenue and reduce expenses they will seek additional federal and state assistance but there will also be reductions in salaries for senior leaders staff furloughs and tight controls on spending Carly Johnson komo news eight counties in our state now have permission to move to phase two re opening that means restaurants can open with limited capacity nail and hair salons business offices and retailers can also open the doors with restrictions and last week the state approved variances for Columbia Garfield Lincoln ferry and pondering counties however most businesses have yet to receive guidelines from the state that they need to open to the public so it's not happening overnight still ahead ready to eat inside a restaurant I'm Brian Calvert and new rules mean you'll need to leave your name and your number first it's nine thirty four incoming traffic every ten minutes on the force with Kierra Jordan well there isn't too much that slowing you down right now but I do see some crowding in Seattle on northbound I. five right as you're approaching the convention center also in Seattle Madison street reduced to one lane in either direction between Broadway and twelfth Avenue for utility work and staying in Seattle Fifth Avenue that's currently blocked in two lanes between pike and pine and that's due to some soil testing in the area our next como traffic at nine forty four and.

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