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Turns out once he started to talk saints pre dorbyl stuff to figure out how to pronounce amaya spilled with a jama j a i ended up finding a video of some strange old german little kids cartoon about a b a and this is this is a little piece of that song i just felt compelled to share with you oh my god glen schofield would be in amman mm hurry again three sudanese my uh ski brooks my regarding huggy francs timing homes my d doubt now that will bidding catchy the einstein settled and do a comfortable home with mature trees can get that i had not songsook own phones hiring termed tonks jamaa very offensive to our german listeners hong kong's from tying cssl franklin kamah oh not known for the music germans now known now known internationally for kicking out a lot of a lot of saw at the david hasselhoff stills popular there a way that its catchy einstein's that'll do a comfortable home with mature trees and elegant garden in a munich suburb for what was to be at least through most of albert's childhood uh you know pretty respectable berge was the existence in eighteen 82 just after the einstein's arrived the city had about three hundred thousand residents and munich 85 them catholics two percent of them jewish and it was the host for the first german electricity exhibition the electric lights introduced to the city streets einstein's garden was often bustling with cousins in children cousins man is gonna come up later united sent stories of rupert remember that yeah law cousins around apparently left quite an impression i'd say he shied from their boistrous games and instead occupied himself with quieter things one governess nicknamed him father bore of managers no shortage of cruel nicknames back he was generally a loaner itin.

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