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Party of tendon patches non-sport cope, having high waisted book clubs Spitzer drinking fibers theory. Listeners might not appreciate. Everybody'll five this and blood every real fight between men. Most of the time between. On the ground. Forget TV fights with the round houses. Forget boxes. Forget Bruce Lee. Bruce lee. Every single flight. Divall almost instantly into wrestling. And whoever knows how to wrestle wings. How do I know? Why do I speak? So confidently snap understand. This is hard one of years being the very first black key to walk into an all whites. So listen to me when I say rustling Wednesday. So. Gonna mess with that other stuff is just a distraction. Step. Jesmyn probably presents the Matt. Was like the fight. Only fight them matters news from Washington. Makes your win some loose baby. Listening. Step. I'm excited because the best ask once you don't see. No one knows. A snap judgments show Rosenberg Joe, take it away. unlike most people stories actually really truly on the day. He was born. Story that my mom told me she was sixteen years old when she was about to have me. And she tells me that when I came out she could tell right away, even though she was loopy from the medication. She could tell right away that something was wrong. Just how quiet a gun how the doctors were looking around. And they basically they rushed me right out of the operating room. Didn't allow me to see me didn't allow her to hold me. Anything? And so my.

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