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To Gerry Shannon caf? I am 6 40 life everywhere. Right now. Delegates Stacey Plaskett from U. S. Virgin Islands is up there. One of the things that they have said, is that they were going to use some capital security footage that hasn't been publicly released as they continue to build their case against the president. In fact, Jamie Raskin, the lead impeachment manager. Was warning people that it was going to be very graphic footage. There were, of course, five deaths at the storming of the capital back on January 6th, the district attorney's office and Fulton County, Georgia's formally launched an investigation a criminal investigation into former President Trump's efforts to overturn the election in that state. The investigation was revealed in a letter from the D A to state officials asking them to preserve any documents potentially related to the 2020 general election. And any communication. This is about that phone call, among other things, but yes, that that phone call with the secretary state Brad Reference Burger. Back at the beginning of January. Tom Brady showed up to the boat parade, the Buccaneers boat parade in a new $2 million boat. Now That's no way to drag every time I think to myself, you know, I unfairly. I know Tom Brady. Unfair. We too. You see something like that, and you're like, What an apple. But I mean the fact that his ex was so Was so laudatory that Bridget Moynahan was I had so happy for time. Nobody asked. Well, that's sheriff. They do share a child. Yeah, but you know, they do have to have a working relationship to parent that kid. I guess you just don't want him to have two super models in his wake. In his wake. Yeah. I mean, one of them one of them in the way in the cold with no guessing. I don't know if she's in the wake, right? You're just.

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