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Warning this programme contains franken mature discussions intended to educate an advocate on the subjects of sexuality sex and gender and body positively due to the nature of the topics being discussed this may include subject matter an language that some may find offensive this program is intended for adults only if you were under the age of eighteen if such material of fins you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community please exit now eugene cattle crouching kathleen brown cow jeff howe brown jade without park project welcome to the browns you can brown cow nugget episode this month were around doing the whole looking forward looking back thing and one of the things we wanted to do is reach out to a lot of our listeners and in and understand them it's it what they think about the show see were they think we should go and also find out who's listening so we actually were very pleased that this individual wanted to go on show with us uh her name is stacy uh as they see say hi hello and welcome i'm so happy you're here on your first contact to ah with us was very very cool but before we get to that he tell us a little bit about yourself well um i am alaskan show we don't do alatas yeah we snuggle a lot which is one of the things i love about the podcast is it knuckle friendly.

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