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Next. With Dan schwarzman, is Donald Trump about to be arrested, Dan with the details. Well, Michelle, that's the $1 million question, but according to Donald Trump, he claims he will be arrested on Tuesday. The former president calling for protests on social media as he claims Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg is going to have him arrested. A potential rest will be in connection with Trump's alleged hush money payment to porn star stormy Daniels to cover up the alleged affair. Now reports say that city state and federal officials have been meeting in regards to security measures if Trump is indicted and brought to New York, senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts says if there are protests she hopes they're peaceful. Violence is never the right answer. And I always worry about it. But this is another case of Donald Trump just trying to advance the interests of Donald Trump, not of the rest of the nation. Let's be clear about what's going on here. No one is above the law, not even the former president of the United States. Warren was speaking on ABC this week earlier today. Chinese president Xi Jinping arrive in Moscow Monday to be in a three day state visit Beijing has been trying to characterize it as a quote visit for peace. She's going to be meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in his first visit to the country since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began last February. The Kremlin says the two leaders are going to sign declarations, strengthening the relationship of the countries, along with your strategic partnership. She is then expected to hold a video conference with Ukrainian president Vladimir zelensky after he meets with Putin will be the first meeting of any sort between the two. Did Australia promise to support the U.S. in any military conflict involving Taiwan, Australia's defense minister Richard marles telling ABC that is not the case and that the country did not promise the support as part of the August submarine deal. The U.S. is selling three to 5 Virginia class nuclear attack submarines while Australia and England are going to build a new subclass together. Marl says that the U.S. did not even ask for support if a war was fought against China over Taiwan. President Biden speaking with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier today by an expressing his concern over the government's plan to overhaul the Israeli judicial system, which has led to weeks of widespread protests. The plan would roll back the independence, the judicial system and Joyce from the country's political system. Reports say Netanyahu told Biden that Israel remain a quote strong and vibrant democracy. Shazam fury of the gods opening number one in the box office, but did not do as well as the original Shazam, which opened back in 2019, the sequel pulling in 30 and a half $1 million compared to the original. That opened with a gross of 53 and a half million, just three years ago, finished in second this weekend, scream 6, they brought in 17 and a half million creed three rounding at the top three. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over a 120 countries. I'm Dan Schwartzman and this is Bloomberg, Brian. Dan, thanks very much. The time here, 9 minutes past the hour let's get to our guest, Vanessa Chan, head of Asian fixed income investment directing at fidelity international and with us right here in our studios Vanessa. Thanks for coming in. One day to do it. I guess, you know, this morning we've been talking a lot about faith versus fundamentals, normally we like to focus on the fundamentals, but you have these periods where you have to focus so much more on sentiment. So this deal that was done over the weekend, the resolution to Credit Suisse. Does it shore up confidence in your view? Or in a way, is it almost the reverse? I think let's take a step back in terms of what's happening in the global market so the financial markets for the past week or so. So we have to be SVB. We also have credit Swiss. Both event does increase the volatility across the financial markets. And it naturally raised concerns about the financial stability of the financial system. And if you really wanted to ask what is the key driver behind us, is actually to tighter policy that would be in the experiencing from fed, be it in terms of the kind of liquidity as well as the higher rates, which naturally will means that some of the cracks is the ability of a system will probably be exposed. And that's where we start seeing increased risk of the financial stability. We do think that the overall financial sector, particularly the larger banks in the much better shape now compared to what happened back in 2008 and 2009. And I think we have to really see that regulators and government have come shift into intervention to kind of instill new confidence in the market. So hopefully to deal that between UBS and credit wills will bring in a bit more confidence across the financial markets, but we'll need to see the kind of reaction that we can get today in the next few days as well. Vanessa, let me ask you about part two of what I'm seeing as reasons for calm this morning, hopefully. I was three years ago that the fed made similar swap lines arrangements of course we see these come in times of financial

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