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Well, now, Chaka Khan is not only every woman, but also grand marshal of the two thousand nineteen rose parade in Pasadena. She told the crowd of the tournament of roses house this morning. She is honored to be chosen. Court here. I'm a little bit scared. I gotta tell ya. Okay. But fear is for me. It's always been a good thing. If I'm scared of something if something frightens me a wee bit. I'm all about it. And look at go to conquer Chaka Khan following in the footsteps as grand marshal personalities as diverse has been Scully, William Shatner, Frank Sinatra and both Mickey Mouse and Kermit the frog she will also perform with parade opening ceremony on New Year's day, which been another outbreak of a leptospirosis in the sea lion population. And that's leaving the animals lying on the beach in pain. It's the second such outbreaks twenty eleven according to the marine mammal center, the bacteria affects the kidneys. And it causes sea lions to kind of curl up with their flippers over their abdomen. Think of it as being like a small child who stomach hurts the rescue center reports that more than two hundred twenty California sea lions they've taken in have been diagnosed with the bacteria, which can be fatal. If not treated the strain affecting the population is transmitted by urine either directly or through contaminated. Water or soil, and it's also associated with other animals, like pigs, skunks and foxes. Researchers believe transmission typically occurs primarily while the sea lions are on land. John bear KNX ten seventy NewsRadio Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater. With our football insiders report coming up in just two minutes. It's twelve forty nine where you're going, and.

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