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New Year new budgets. Every small business has unique needs when you partner with a Dell Small Business Technology advisor you get real time tailored advice you'll even give you a free audit on your servers and storage devices to develop a custom solution solution to help improve your company's productivity plus right now upgrade to windows ten and get up to forty five percent off select business computers with Intel core processors officers to speak with Adele adviser call eight seven seven by Dell. That's eight seven seven by Dell. Here's here's another story. I want you to know on Tuesday to. NFL teams announced that they had picked their next head coach. The Carolina Panthers Selected Baylor head coach map rule and the giants who reportedly also going after roll with Patriots Wide Receiver coach. Joe Judge a scoop. All fans process the news and and in some cases I'm guessing learned that judge exists a number of analysts for players and fans pointed out that after these latest hires. Just three of the leaks. Six head coaches Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin allies Anthony Lynn. In Miami's Brian Flores are black as opposed to seventy percent of the players. Now there's at least one spot open. The Cleveland. Browns haven't announced replacement for fired head coach Freddie Kitchens yet but it's evident that after the ranks of non white head coaches grew for years. Here's hitting eight not too long ago. They've since rapidly declined this fall. Richard Lap tick the director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in sport. Publishes Publishes Annual Report on the issue and gave the NFL its lowest grade since he started collecting data fifteen years ago. Now I imagine there are people who are hearing this and saying to themselves teams should be allowed to hire the best possible candidates and I absolutely agree but I'm not sure that's happening four years ago. Oh I wrote about a study from professors at Georgetown. George Washington emery in Iowa state who found that white position coaches in assistance or more than twice as likely to be promoted to coordinator roles regardless of their background given that many of the coaches promoted since then have a market lack of experience rule for example spent very little time in the NFL and judge was most recently a position coach. I would be surprised if that's changed now. This doesn't mean. NFL teams are actively seeking seeking to discriminate against qualified candidates. The reasons for these things as is the case in fields outside of sports are insidiously complex in football all the roots of the problem can be traced to college where the numbers aren't much better or even lowest levels of the sport networks also play a role and so do trends. NFL teams. These are more likely than ever to hire offensive minded head coaches and there were just two black offensive coordinators. This season one of him the chiefs Eric. The enemy would seem to merit narrative closer. Look from Cleveland. But just because the factors behind the absence of diversity at the league's highest levels can be difficult to untangle doesn't mean we shouldn't try and above all acknowledged that the gap exists and this has been E._s._p._N.. Daily I'll talk to you tomorrow..

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