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I'm sorry that I did that mayhem. You're on ESPN radio mayhem. Hey, Timbo a couple of questions to Derek Jeter still be hall of famers. His first name was Ed and also this Frank viola have the sweetest name and nickname in baseball history. Thanks. Okay. Ed cheer would be in the hall of fame like time. Three hundred hitter with well over three thousand question about that. What was the second part? I, I believe it was a nickname for Frank viola, and whether it was the best nickname in in the history of the sport, I don't even what is it? Sweet viola, sweet music. The, yeah, the greatest victim and all of all time. Baseball is Doug goose spelled his last name GW OD s. z. I think I've got that right. And his nickname was I chart because when you look at his name, you put your hand over what I and looks like you're feeding. I. Greater a greater, the mischievous manager of the Rangers made me laugh. So many times it was so brilliant. He told me that what they used to call goose. I chart. That's my favorite nickname ever. Jimmy. What of edgier played for the pirates. If you hit three hundred lifetime twenty years as a shortstop and get way over three thousand hits, it doesn't matter who you play for or what your name is. You are a hall of Famer period. What about Geeta shorts for the raise love this is close is Tim Kirch in has ever been to saying bleep you to a personality on it like that, right. There is an enraged him. Courage shut up without jeeter questions. Get back jacket route question that they were when you guys after the cake was a compiler. I know I know don't not. You guys don't group me in with this, a consortium of moron. Don't group in with them. Okay. Another question I made you uncomfortable with that Rick. Reilly question though. I'm going to have to call you an apologize after you don't have to apologize. Dan, Rick. Reilly a friend of mine and spectacularly town. You're gonna call Tim to apologize. You call Rick, Rick apologize. I would call into apologize because I put him in a terrible spot there. Robert, you're on with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Hey, Tom, what is the single most important thing to Mets must reach my hundred hand when you eat breakfast, do you? He Restos for pancakes. 'cause they all replied, sir. Thanks. I usually don't eat any of the three even though I love all three of them and the choice I would take French does for, but they're all all great. The Mets obviously need to keep that potentially great rotation intact and then go by about five different players and fill out there every day lineup. That would be a probably first baseman, third baseman and outfielder at least the second baseman and maybe catcher. That's what the Mets need to get back to being a contending slash championship team will ever..

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