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I mean how i live in bristol connecticut we live in bristol connecticut here in his first and last sudiro you don't do that by choice that being said they're still an interesting angle to the fact that in sports you can be uprooted like this at the drop of a hat i mean hell i was cut coming down an elevator one time when into the elevator lost service came out on the other side and i had the message blake griffin could have been sleeping he could have been out getting avocados could wound down by the beach could have been doing a number of californian things and then he finds out the news finds out the news that apparently according to our own stephen a smith the clippers are going in a different direction do it out body up at a better kirk locally it and avery bradley can play a defiant arats can play a first round pick is of course is the first round pick that can't be ignored for the better pay attention to all of those different thinking recognised that if you can't recruit a superstar to come jerry west going to get an if steve ballmer recognize depth and a slew of body is better than a star they can't get you over the hump is not a superstar in some why we will women the lose anyway person last year on espn radio in the espn app obviously this is a.

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