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To date at Power Slam DOT TV so let's start off with the first match announced Lucho brothers versus the boys from Jolly Ville Voegeli buckets nasty bras. I'M UH-HUH WANNA call nasty narrate but nasty Ross and T- money good <hes> this is definitely one of those shows that you start off with a bang. We knew the literal brothers. We're going to be in a match and you just announce it against the fuck. It's this do talk about brutal and last time we seen Pentagon junior and W was one of my favorite openings of a match ever he comes out and then he waits by the entered for railroad come out and he kicks his ass and it's just nothing about a fight from there on so now we're getting. tag-team fun. Who Do you got one in Rick a loser brothers coming in there? Those boys are all over the place. They got the big fat contracts. They're gonNA. They're going to be the winners. How about you kidding? Yeah Yeah I have. It's easy to sang for jolly down fantastic match west participant gladys phoenix getting a shot. I know you fly away not putting that like he's new or anything but I'm glad he's going with Flannigan and this time Yup. I'm going to have to go through your brothers to there's no way you you lose a match one week before dubber nothing next up. We have what's really interesting match. 'EM J. F. F- Maxwell Jacob Friedman Versus Josh Prohibition who radio in this Cayden all can go probation. He's on his return Ron now after be off for off <music> off wrestling for quite a while how about you rick I I see it the other way <hes> M._j.. F- Has the X. factor in a gentleman name big Thuan Tucker who is now taking me a <hes> bodyguard role of 'em Jaffa over in a I W I think with Compton rules that enes to on one so M J F gets both these guys but n j f kind of an Ana an old man beating tour so. I think he's going to binge April next up we have K._T.. Be Versus Dan housing versus Lewis Linden versus. 'em Dog Matt Cross. I'M GONNA start off this one. I'm I'M GONNA go Kay T._B.. Eric I was going to go K._T.. Be as well but I think we should spread out our money on this one a little bit. I'm GonNa Take Mat Cross that cross you know took the loss to prohibition <hes> this this might be as something for him to prove so let's we'll cross have. Are you kidding me. Go with Dan House and I was going to pick Dan Housing but I duNno Katy B between the time we all pick three different people in a floor away the one we didn't pick one so congrats Lewis Linden on winning the match next up. We have ten dollars versus Dominic Greenie. This is a match that we almost talked about and I'm looking forward to this one last time I said I was looking for Tim downs match but Don's versus Greenie. I'm GONNA GO Carini. Who Do you got caitlyn Jenner? Go with Greeny. This is going to be wrestling match one hundred percent for two noti youth thing. They're going to wrestle so donnas wrestling. Who Do you got down to you? Got Rick undercounted rules. Dominic needs some damn shoes because there's GonNa be enough stuff that canes already got in the rain at this point that he's going to need to to avoid that notwithstanding. I'm going to take dominic next up. We have nick gage versus Eddie fucking Kingston. If you WANNA know our in depth thoughts on this match go back to the last preview episode with we preview this match ended well it didn't happen because negage was at a wedding so instead of getting it then we get it now. We get it under compton rules so there's someone might actually guy. I'm GonNa go oh with Eddie Kingston. Who Do you got rick? I do not bet against the king therefore I will take Nick Gage. I mean they're both kings into specify which won the King Nick Gage not go any that that all the mad king mad mad king yes sheriff diamonds whatever King King of running children over with his car. Who Do you kidding go kingston role again before absolution next up the A. W. Tag team championship match to infinity beyond versus the Philly Marino experience tell them wrong long to infinity beyond winds at O. L. Cayden Yeah so who's that does he knew tag chance doubt about uric fuck you Collina Elena Cheech P._M.? E Win next up. We Have Joshua Bishop Verses Matthew Justice for the A._I.. W intense title a rematch from last month I'm GonNa continue on with the of an reign of the new champion Joshua Bishop and of course we ought to point out to that there's a new graphic for for Joshua Bishop and what he did yeah bishops regaining he's not assessed as the Matt to Justice Thurgood kill each other for a couple more months eric. It's all about the X. Factor maserati Berkeley helping bishop to retain next up. We have filthy. Tom lawler versus man's Manse Warner for the a I W absolute championship. I gotta go filthy. Tom Who'd he got rick. Well I am going to I mean. I don't WANNA pick against Tom lawler but I think it's all going to come down to Eddie Kingston at absolution taking on Manson Warner for the title Psalmody. I'M GONNA say man's polls. The upset here cade. I'm saying lawler retains be fantastic. Advance wins of not gonNA complain about to add one because my answers a star. They don't see that happening right. That's I believe we got all the match. That's the pick all the picks for this Friday. Show keep their head with ring and from a I W as Friday may seventeenth length seven thirty bell time at Odeon and <hes> yeah this is going to be all the matches earner competent rules any final thoughts are last minute plugs about the show or whatever <hes> start with cayden nothing north different than usual cave e._R. to one six on whatever social media use or care to follow me and I may go wrestling gifts sometimes have a uric. We are going to have some fun at a I W on Friday we are going to have some fun at U.. X. W. A. on Saturday. We're GONNA WATCH MATT. Justice beat the hell out of the Duke. Kane is going to be there to live gifts all of the carnage of met Justice beating the living hell all out of the Duke so that'll be yes. We'll get to see <HES> manders for the first time heavy sets excited about the one called you can listen to our brand new podcast myself and Mr razor-sharp at U. X.. W. A. Hey today were on some of the podcast stuff and not all of it yet and I'm not very good at podcasting but thank you all for your time regardless and of.

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