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605. It is five minutes after the R Georgia Bulldogs football weekend. Not great in if you're going to head out, see some leaf color this weekend if the road is open You know, we hope that the winds from Zeta didn't knock all the color off the trees in the North Georgia Mountains. It's one people weekend left. Let's bring you up to date on the morning drive. Now that includes Atlanta's most accurate, too dependable forecast. Here's Channel two Action news, but they're all just bread. It's partly cloudy, Breezy and cool this morning. Mostly sunny, breezy and cool this afternoon temperatures that top out just it's 62 degrees. Winds die down tonight meant a Saturday morning down to 46. Tomorrow's high 63 mostly sunny We fall back into the fifties Saturday evening under a clear sky for trick or treating, Remember, we set our clocks back an hour this weekend, then for Sunday partly cloudy, low 49 high 67 I'm telling to action news meteorologist Brad Nets 95.5 WSB keeping track Sunrise this morning said to be around a M Monday the clock it'll say around 7 a.m. when the sun comes up after the time change, Let's get to the morning drive now, with 52 degrees. Here's WSB, smiling. Okay, First white of aborting got this week. We have been challenged the boring but not go in the afternoon. And you're going to be challenged this morning as you get out of the neighborhood division. As we are first going to stop over Ashford. Somebody wrote. It's been shut down inside the perimeter. Your duck, buddy crews work, Tio clear of the storm damage it Dunwoody here, pervert of all, but I do see a lot of dark neighborhood here as we fly over the stretch of Ashford Company Road heading toward the ball Copter. Three seats left in 10 minutes. Rolling 85 South delay in trouble Free between 3 16 25 Northwest Freeways are in good shape. What about 400 actually process on time Leaving coming in Lake Lanier headed for 100 South That's still some power outages. Arousal. Traffic lights dart, treat them as four way stops along Hemery Road and on crabapple Traffic brought to you by unbound dot orga girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor and elder and Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out and change their world. It will change your own unbound.

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