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And they see that both both both sides that is to say the pa in la and hamas in gaza and why are they doing if you're of israel in retaliation is the reconciliation agreement between fatah and how mass fracturing that doesn't seem to be going anywhere sadly i mean this is the overwhelming demand of the palestinian people that these useless politicians get together and this meaningless split so that the weaker party the palestinians can at least present a unified so let's talk about the journalists who've been killed two let's talk about the palestinian journalist yasser mukta who was fatally shot by the israeli army while covering the protests along the israel gaza border photo show the thirty year old journalists wearing a flak jacket clearly marked press at the time at the shooting this is more conscious mother and brother speaking after his killing i was next to him at the protest targeting the journalists was very clear the two of us directly using snipers and gasping forgotten i saw but we thought it was just an injury and he will be injured for a while and then god will heal him and he will come out of it like the rest of the entered people i didn't expect him to die that's what happened in gaza and then you have today's headline in the west bank press freedom groups are expressing alarm of the arrest of a journalist early wednesday by palestinian security forces relatives say the officers presented a search warrant arrested has a nassir without mention of what he's being charged with works for najjar broadcasting channel which frequently covers israel's demolition palestinian home arrest of palestinians he's arrested in the middle of the night retired was killed i mean i think the thing to say about the murder of the journalist and the murderer of many of these people is that there is a policy of targeted assassination it's not just snipers randomly shooting people it is an intelligence system which collects information on everybody who is an activist and these people are then being targeted they are murdering specific people they're not just shooting at random they're doing that as well but some of these many of these this is a wonderful book by men enron ronen bergman on israel history of israel's targeted assassinations this is a policy of.

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