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To us by my friend shirts I love when you use my complete name like that okay one twenty eight north get a break down to watch out for its on the shoulder there it's a tire changer right by route thirty eight mover and so just keep an eye out for that that's a dangerous spot to have a tire change right there route one northbound work crews have set up once again today they're in the right travel lanes just after the Kowloon that continues to the home depot so watch out for delays there pick up some food get some word later on north expressway looking pretty good for us right now we did see heavier volume or definitely earlier on see more of a morning commute type of feel they're at a regular war what's the new normal now as far as the expressway northbound route three is looking good moderate moving through Braintree now earlier problems we had with the lane restriction or rap restriction because of a a truck fired eighteen in Weymouth that's now being clear twenty four ninety five no complaints right now for us and it will be pretty well in from the north as well on ninety three and route three route one again we have those work crews airport tunnels looking good to and from Logan Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes and good in Boston so far this morning and we're nowhere near done sunshine seventy three already get to the mid eighties this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop as usual though a little bit cooler at the beaches especially on the Cape and islands will top out in the seventies over although this is a beautiful day here in Boston humidity right back at.

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