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Follow us on Twitter at WW J. Traffic in the idol Dom motor group twenty four hour traffic center watching the triple a jam cams, I'm lanes Howard WW news. Radio nine fifty AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Bowers, partly to mostly cloudy sky tonight parts of the regional see a brief shower or thunderstorm about sixty three an end up tomorrow variable. Cloudiness, more humid, mostly ses picking up a shower or two even a thunderstorm hitting eighty at partly cloudy tomorrow night, low of sixty on the other side of the front though. It looks like some nice weather the rest of the week, partly to mostly sunny skies, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, lower humidity. High of seventy seven on Thursday and right around eighty on Friday and Saturday. This is I q whether reviled to stave Bowers on WJ, NewsRadio nine fifty mostly cloudy skies. Dave in Southfield. Seventy three degrees right now in west land at seventy four downtown Detroit. Mostly cloudy skies. Seventy three traffic and weather on the eights, and you can take us on the go, simply log on through radio dot com app. WW J news time is. Eight ten while she's not happy about it. But the governor signing a ban on e cigarettes to those seventeen and younger that stories just ahead. Thunder over Michigan air show is coming to the willow. One airport August third and fourth listen Thursday for your chance to win tickets. Details at W W, Jane dot com. The most accurate most up to date traffic. That's the goal of WJ's twenty four hour traffic center, every ten minutes on the using the latest technology live feeds from the motor city traffic. Cans official from.

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