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It and seeing that there is some value to a terrible situation with gordon hayward going down five minutes into the season where jason tatum and jaylen brown against serious burn and we're watching them in a more right forever eyes until into starting caliber nba players with the potential for a whole lot more so when you think about that yes granted you know tatum's got to play more than thirty games you know of some sort of organized basketball season is he gonna hit that rookie wall is jaylen brown going to have it for the whole season these shooting for behind the arc really well so far right now but y you look at the pieces in place and you say okay boston beat washington in the second round last year and you've swap now career having in for isaiah thomas in you lost sebej pieces but you know pretty much it's did washing it hasn't changed at all nobody porter's back wall got an extension it's the same team so i beg to to reason that they can beat him again yellow there's no other team that i think is clearcut better than them and cleveland now and i brought there were four or five teams in that mix before and i was wrong i i've already to say after nine games i was wrong about that six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 now i wasn't wrong about and isaiah like that one to me has been obvious for a long time and i'm and isaiah guy i know i probably don't sound like one today but i just would never make an argument but isaiah was more valuable player a better player than kyrghiz and i it you saw very clearly last night and you've seen very clearly in the first nine games this year the difference from one to the next will mix it all your celtics thoughts against six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 you wanna jump in there we're gonna get the football thoughts were starting celtics and nba johnson in flynn dough johnston no amos alonzo flynn ease out coach and postseason we'll get to your.

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