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Boss, James Whitey, Bulger confirming. His death was a result of blunt force injuries to the head while he was in prison. NBC Boston obtaining, the documents dating bulge was found in his cell early on the morning of October thirtieth. It was serving a life sentence for multiple murders and other crimes when he was beaten in his cell just hours after being transferred to a prison in West Virginia expensive boat electronics being targeted by thieves. There are reports of more than two dozen thefts in the past month. What's being targeted GPS units? Chart plotters fish, finders some sell for as much as fifteen thousand dollars or as little as four hundred dollars. Most boats have them born police Lieutenant John McDougall says thieves are cutting shrink wrap which covers boats in the off season. And then stealing the electron IX those steps being reported both on the Cape. And also on the north shore. It is nine twelve. Let's take a look at sports as WBZ's Joel stern. The patriots. With four picks and the second and third rounds? They trade up in select cornerback John Williams out vendor build then they go for defensive end chase one of each out of Michigan. They select Alabama running back Damian Harris who finished his senior year with nine hundred ninety s and their final pick of the knife. Yanni could just offensive tackle out of West Virginia. The patriots have seven picks remaining three of the fourth round. And for the seventh the Arizona Cardinals take UMass receiver, Andy Isabela and Boston College edge rusher. Sack Allen the cars also said quarterback Josh Rosen to the dolphins for two draft picks. The Broncos picked Missouri quarterback. Drew lock in the second round Red Sox rays rained out Fenway. They'll make it up as part of a double header on June eighth. Today's game has been pricing. Charlie Morton, the Bruins and blue jackets meeting game two of their second round series tonight at TD garden. The Bruins with three two overtime winning game on David crazies, gametime decision after taking a big hit from orlean ash NBA. The warriors eliminate the clippers won twenty nine one seven fifty Kevin Durant. The Celtics open their semifinal series with the bucks tomorrow in Milwaukee, Marcus smart won't play because of an oblique injury..

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