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The music stop him the abhu first things first josh newman these state senator who's subject to a very likely recall effort this is california state senator strict twenty nine of course for months now you've been out there collecting signatures do collect we heard earlier in the show from called a mile from reform california the group that behind all the details needed to affect the recall that they did submit seventy five thousand signatures and we need about sixty sixty two thousand vessels sixty thousand so he believes that there's a good chance that they will have enough signatures validated though pro lucy says you can check it out on the secretary of state website that they are going through the signatures are are doing the validation we just don't know how this is going to work in terms of how quickly he'll be done done so that the recall on the ballot the guy come up before the gas tax goes into effect november i idea they got a big they got a big rate of approval though he said to eighty two percent and i think their total was eighty seven this who was eighty seven thousand yeah air so it eighty two percent though have more than enough that holds up basis that they're gonna they're gonna go page by page line by wind verified signature rather than doing a three percent random sampling which was the old law right but if you don't want to recall josh do moved 'cause you'd like to see him he'll be out there tomorrow woo one two three o'clock at the cyprus seniors center in cyprus nine oath three one grimly street is what we have here doing another one of his it'll community town all get together a coffees you may want to him after voting for the twelve senate gallon tax increase is he going to vote for the 63 sent the gallon tax increase which is supposed to happen monday and this is part of their global warming cap and trade nonsense sixty three said sure gas will go up over the next three and a half years and they need every democratic vote in their twothirds majority to pull it off and they need noman those that what he's.

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