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Ninety five i'll bet i couldn't bench personality five pounds you could probably you could make a move on mclane though with a so i was nasr the on the chessboard molly thinottos nasser them across over was ma ma move with that clock a chess clock being knew the phone lines are blown up hey sam in our pennsylvania's live sam walker maury mcgee our they were spared back my high school baseball teams i grew up in high school one good donny mccaskill the magic he he was was behind me yeah but i was there but i just four the last forever to meet some america during sleep because there was so much snow and cutting down the birmingham alabama for two weeks andrew baseball spring training with the team and you know what i'm talking about work with seven and practicing all day to have dinner and play games every night two weeks when it was a job i have it's fun wanted thirty two weeks of my life uh i can only imagine my age 156 trying to work for us like my brother's named sam that's how he feels youth the same still on a ladder duty he is he out he's out what we all know what he was doing sound like he was like deliver in cattle somewhere the law was said again what's must hand over guys you guys get them down that works warm delivering then that gettysburg pennsylvania delivered it.

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