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Michigan. Great to have you, sir. What are you thinking about today? What's happening? What's up? What's shaking rush? Thank you for taking my call. It's really an honor. I've been listening since about nineteen ninety-five. My point today is the national emergency declared by Donald Trump. I think it's very important that it go all the way to the supreme court the the left his gracious. We pointed out that no other president has made a declaration quite like this. And and I agree. No other president has been faced a with emergency. That is a direct result of actions and inactions by the congress and a minority of states and local governments. Let me play devil's advocate with you for a second because you sound eager for the president to declare the national emergency. You're just said that he's doing it as result of congress and certain state governments not follow. Going through and recognizing that we've got an emergency and helping them deal with it. Are you worried at all that he doesn't have a constitutional authority to do this. I mean, he's basically telling congress, screw you. I'm gonna do this anyway. Well, that's one of the reasons I think it should go to the supreme court. But also, I think that Donald Trump has a preponderance of evidence on his side of the if at any point in the last twenty five years and any other congresses had gotten serious about securing the border and protecting its citizens. We wouldn't be where we are right now declaring emergency if the state and local governments had cooperated with ice in deporting illegal, we wouldn't be at this point right now, but they have defied federal laws and even the former president United States without a directive to defy federal laws. So say that the that I agree with that that I think is is is something Trump can do is look I'm being forced into this because we have cities, and we have states who are refusing. Not just refusing to enforce federal law. They are sabotaging and undermining the efforts of federal law enforcement to enforce the law that would be ice and border patrol. We have got mayors in places like Oakland, and San Francisco who are advising illegals win an ice rate is coming and where to go to avoid them. We have sanctuary cities we are in open wanton violation of federal law. It is destroying the country and drastic action is necessary and much of this exists because congress and and other agencies will not enforce the laws on the books. And that's what I'm trying to the president could say. I would agree. I think there's a preponderance of evidence on the side of the American people. And here's the thing though. You say you wanted to go to the supreme court. Yes, sir. I don't know how many people have noticed this. I of course, have because I have the time to get intimately involved. But you know, who the latest reliably leftist judge is on the supreme court. I've noticed Kevin is sort of looking a little liberal. That would be the chief Justice John Roberts who is voting with the libs. Every case he can. Is voting with the four liberal justices on that court every opportunity he can now let's go back. And remember something that the chief Justice decided to go public with. It's been in the last couple of months when Trump was talking about all the left-wing judges the Clinton judges in the Obama judges that would stand up and try to stop either his travel ban or any other legal executive action or order Justice Roberts went public issued. A statement said he was righteously indignant and offended by that there aren't Obama judges, and that there aren't Clinton judges, and there aren't Bush judges that we have wonderful and great judges. And that's the only kind of judges we've got. But there aren't there are there are Bush judge Clinton judge Obama judge. Well, clearly there are. One of the great problems, the American judicial system is that the left has also corrupted it. By putting left wing ideologues on the bench, and they've been confirmed there by Democrats sentence in some cases, Republican Senate. I think the chief excuse me. I don't know him. I've never met him. But I have Intel Graham, I think he is a never Trumper of the first order. I think he is the popular parlance today is of the swamp. I think he is one of the establishmentarian in standing a good step. He's he's clearly a stablishment guy ruling class guy. And I just I I think he's one of these people that just shudders in disbelief everytime. Trump's name is mentioned every time. Trump is on TV. And going public to dispute Trump's assertion of Clinton judges Obama judges and Bush judges is a pretty good indication. So you say you wish for it to go to the supreme court. Well, and then you mentioned Cavanaugh Cavanaugh has been a couple of cases where it it looks like he may be trying to signal to Feinstein and somebody that hey, look see you were wrong about me. That stuff those kinds of attacks people's reputations. Scares the hell out of them folks in that town. Take a break. I'm a little.

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