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They really know what you for and I think to have an endorsement from rate as the best kind of praise and Novalis can have really rashy for the raiders and. said that the ones you really hype me to place. The debit worlds coming up on Saturday the twenty, six Tim and Bill McDonough at the Scottish crime writer will be speaking with sisters in crime ambassador suitable. You can find this and check it out on the sisters. In crime website you can watch the ceremony on the Youtube Channel, but no one had come through the Stolman skied twelve years later, and with another day blame and guilt rise again to the surface in the survive I Jane Hop. Great Crime Rate Thank you very much Jane. Thank you so much and now it's Davidson. Rhodri is often a metaphor for life journey and such is the case in Sam colley's debut novel Stike. One where he explores the physical emotional and psychological trials. These protagonist Alex Preston Sam welcomed into three. Answer here. Now, I think we can tease out some of these threads a little former I. It's a physical journey way US Alex and ways he heading. In the book stops his almost at the very top of New Zealand on his way to bring and driving very fast, and radically he's home for the first time in three years having fled the country to take a job in Dubai and when his parents die in a car accident comes back to New Zealand to bury them in of sold that stuff out. So that happened the day before. The book opens with him. Driving up. CAPE RANG at end hidden and his twin sister amy decide impulsively to do a road trip of the whole of New Zealand. They start at the top end while maybe they make it. Also the way about him, you just have to read it. I suppose and the bottom is south type which is rather isolated as it turns out in terms of physical. Jimmy. A physical time limit to this as well. Yes, or he has a flight books to go back in two weeks time. So Luckily, New Zealand isn't actually that big so that they decide that they can spend awake driving to the bottom and awake driving back up again and things don't necessarily guiding plan. We'll speaking of not going to plan and the. Physical. He virtually crashes. He's on a precipice. I've never been this scared. My heart is beating a tattoo against my cage. My is a plant shut I feel stones and bits of grid, digging their under my fingernails and still did higher into the earth. My right hand grasps something some kind of tree roots more solid the mark I risk it let go of the ground for a second and grab it the route with the left as well. Hang on with both is hired as I can for a moment, unsure will give way and I'll go either but it doesn't and I don't. That physical endangerment really is there in terms of this Khanjani, it's funny..

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