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She is so credible so believable. And so solid as a person that i thought q absolutely Powerful wonderful and then we move onto episodes tuned three. And you've got two episodes about mediums on this such lots of cover but did you feel the I could have been two episodes about near death. Experiences could have been episodes about reincarnation it who decided to on mediums. It's true. I mean i think involved this way because we were originally going to have. There's two forms of medium ship that we were trying to touch on one is mental medium ship and one is sort of transcend physical medium ship and so originally planning to have one episode on each of those because they're really quite different from each other even though they're both medium ship and then the filmmakers ended up kind of blending them and they just seem to feel like there was a lot of material they wanted to include on the on this particular aspect of it i think is a medium ship episodes. It's very some parts are confusing. I think it's it's hard it's very hard Aspect of this to cover because medium ship is just hard to cover period so i think it may be also why they wanted have more time to do it It's it's just hard for people to understand it and it's it's complicated and they were trying to weave together. These two different various different approaches to how to go about it and they also wanted to have time for the story of mike anthony and his family who made this journey and their friends. Su who made the journey into medium ship to attempt to contact their loved ones. And so they wanna give enough time for the personal stories as well so i guess that's why you're very right. There's so much information that could have been included on all the topics and this is just sort of the way this one worked out. I simon here. Some of you may know. I have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and i'm certified in past life regression therapy now. Taking part in a past life progression is in a macy's thing and past life. Regression therapy can be a powerful process. I conduct sessions. I presume if you ever wanted to explore your past lives in a single session. We'll have an issue..

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