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Patrick McGinnis aside from holier on location at their homes protected by glass yeah and my house we called the music rooms some light snow falling in the backyard make love clin jackhammer construction this is the Dan Patrick show taking advantage of this time without sports to ask the important questions back in the program rank your kids because you told me this privately like favorite to least favorite one looks like My Baby one looks like Michelle so I'll let you guess who has been through right broadcasting from the Mercedes Benz this is Dan Patrick final hour news Thursday hope we've provided a distraction maybe a little humor smile on your face that's our goal here for you and provide you part of the program people been voting on the meat madness a hundred and fifty thousand votes so far and we got another week before we move on to the second round but thank you for the response with this makes you go to Dan Patrick dot com we got some spring cleaning there was some of our merchandise our merch as Seton likes to say with the discounted tee shirts and hats we got some new Tom Brady T. shirts in there as well but if you get a chance go to Dan Patrick dot com you can watch if you'd like on YouTube dot com slash the Dan Patrick show or listen on Fox Sports.

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